The tone-on-tone look

Tone-on-tone dressing is a simple way to work the latest color trends into your wardrobe. Not only is green huge this season, but because of the variety found in this hue, green can make for some incredibly striking monochromatic looks.

The Cab Look

The tints and shades run the entire spectrum of blue and yellow. Taking advantage of this wide range not only adds depth, but helps you avoid the Green Giant effect. Bright kelly green and chartreuse are great for one element of your look, but they need to be tempered by forest, mint or deep emerald.

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Khaki greens send a relaxed weekend vibe, especially when combined with greens that veer toward olive and grey. White, black and grey can be useful accents too. Most importantly, remember to keep a face-flattering green up top. Intense lime or neon greens can be tough for a lot of women, but are perfect for a skinny belt or a clutch.

Grace Kelly’s Style

Grace Kelly was certainly one of the most beautiful women ever. Today on the occasion of her 83rd birthday, let’s celebrate her celestial beauty, stunning elegance and timeless style.

Grace Kelly‘s life is the stuff that fairy tales are made of, except for the not-so-happy ending. The American actress starred in many films, winning an Academy Award in 1954 for “The Country Girl” before going on to star in Alfred Hitchcock‘s “Dial M For Murder” and “Rear Window” (in which she worked with legendary costume designer Edith Head). While in Cannes in 1955 to attend the film festival, Kelly met Prince Rainier of Monaco whom she would later marry.

Like other screen sirens of the time, the late Princess of Monaco serves as a style icon even today. The blonde beauty followed the styles of the times, and often wore collared tops that framed her lovely face. In her days as a movie star, she emphasized her waist in belted outfits and wore V-neck gowns that showed off her décolletage. Once she took on royal duties, her style became more demure; think cardigans draped over her shoulders, Chanel bouclé skirt suits and double-breasted coats. As for accessories, the princess favored ladylike pearls, gloves and scarves of course.

Women Basics: The leather jacket

My beloved friends, a leather moto jacket is a great investment for your wardrobe. With timeless appeal and endless versatility, it’s sure to be a go-to fave for ages. A soft leather jacket is a great piece to throw on in almost every season.

For chilly evenings, pair your jacket with a flowing, printed dress. This adds a hint of masculinity to a sweet, feminine outfit. During the cold season, it’s about layering! Wearing your jacket over a button-down and sweater combo toughens up a crisp fall look.

Francesca Bracchi – Fashion Madness

Handbags: the hottest styles.The oversized clutch and the classic saddle bag.

A handbag always has been, and always will be, a women’s ultimate fashion accessory. A great handbag is the essential building block of a complete, functional and stylish wardrobe. After this year’s international fashion month, the verdict for this season’s top picks is in. Think shearling, animal prints, and lovely fall colors all in soft leather. The hottest styles for 2012 / 2013 are the oversized clutch and the classic saddle bag.

The oversized Day Clutch

Some of us reserve our clutches for evenings, formal affairs, and night excursions.  But ladies, this season let your clutch see the light of day!

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Tip: Do NOT overfill your oversized clutch if you plan on carrying it in this trendy  manner…you may end up with a broken arm or back pain! Ouchh!!

The saddle bag

A great complement to many of this season’s comfy-chic trends, the saddle bag puts a utilitarian-flavored twist on the classic handbag. Matched with a floaty, floral dress or boat-striped tee, this style creates an air of effortless ease.