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Look 4 less | Balenciaga Cutout Buckled Booties

Writing up a post about these buckled booties by Balenciaga is a real pleasure. Why? Well, mainly because I find myself very attracted to this type of masculine biker boots even if it’s such a bulky boot.

Miley Cyrus | Mary-Kate Olsen | Nicole Richie | Dakota Fanning | Rashida Jones | Nina Dobrev

Balenciaga Cutout Buckled Booties in black

The Balenciaga Cutout Buckled Booties are just great. Since these boots have been making the rounds on a number of style blogs and celebs lately, here you go with a budget-friendly alternative. Topshop comes in second in terms of the Balenciaga look with their “ARABEL” boot that is also available in white and a black studded version.

Topshop “ARABEL” Cut Out Boots

Trend report | Harem pants

Here you are a slew of sty­lish star­lets in loose-fit pants—Mary-Kate Olsen in black harems, Gwy­neth Paltrow’s in tape­red pants, Rachel Bil­son in Thai fis­her­man pants, Jes­sica Alba in mottled-blue dhotis—I knew we were on the cusp of a chic trend!!!

So, how can you get on board? Hap­pily, there are a ton of sty­ling options and sil­houet­tes for you to choose from. While Mary-Kate Olsen and Gwy­neth Pal­trow pair their loose-fit pants with equa­lly rela­xed pie­ces such as dra­ped tank tops and button-down shirts, stars like Rachel Bil­son and Jes­sica Alba tem­per theirs with tight t-shirts and extra acces­so­ries. Natu­ra­lly, you can also take direc­tion from the cat­walk wea­ring laye­red loose-fit pants under crop­ped swea­ters and chunky boots. Whi­che­ver way you go,  you’ll find lots of ins­pi­ra­tion from this four fas­hio­na­ble muses for sure.