Basic Staples

In the world of wardrobes, it’s time to take inventory of the staples in your closet. We’ve all got some tees and jeans that have seen better days. Retire them and bring in a new guard that can carry you through the whole year.

Lee Stewart
T-SHIRTS Black, white, or grey. Dressed up or down. T-shirts are the foundation of any closet. Stock up on two or three of each color.
DENIM If you’re like most of mortals you’ve got a stack of jeans in your closet, and you only wear about three pairs. Set those three aside and get rid of the rest (if they’re barely worn, donation is always a great option). Your closet will be organized, and you won’t feel guilty when you pick up a new pair
SWEATERS Plush knits make morning dressing truly effortless—perfect for casual Saturdays. Build out your own stack of classic stripes, solids, and polka dots
BUTTON-DOWNS The classic that defines staple dressing, even a wrinkled shirt feels refined, thanks to its tailored detailing. Every closet needs a plaid, chambray, and white version, and it doesn’t hurt to sprinkle in a few other prints and solid shades.


There are some things I can never quite tear myself away from (nor would I want to) — Nutella, red wine…the list goes on. But, if I talk about sartorial preferences, ankle boots most definitely top that can’t-live-without-them list. Yes, I’ll admit it: I have an addiction — and I don’t plan on recovering anytime soon. Can you blame me?

The savvy staple instantly elevates any look from ho-hum to sleek, and no matter the hill you’re trekking, these stylish babies are pretty easy on our feet, too. And, since you made it through the holiday stress in one piece, it’s high time to score a little bootie for yourself.


These boot styles are sharing the reign over the coveted designer bootie “goes-with-everything” kingdom in Celebrityland.


Rachel Bilson, Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz, Nikki Reed, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Isla Fisher

What to wear to a Job Interview

Looking for a job? Just few situations are trickier to dress up for than an interview. On one hand, you’ve got to get your point across at first impression, which means condensing your aesthetic, your taste, and your sartorial professionalism into one outfit. On the other, your outfit can’t speak louder than you do — leave the “statements” to your CV, not your necklace.

Henar Vicente – Oh my Vogue!

Whether it’s third-round interviews at a buttoned-up law firm or happy hour drinks with the founder of that start-up you’re dying to get in on, a few style tips are consistent: Don’t show too much skin, don’t wear distracting patterns or graphics, and err on the side of dressy.

While you may end up wearing a T-shirt to work every day after you’re hired, your interview is definitely the time to make sure your most competent outfit isn’t still at the cleaners. Specific to a range of different dream jobs, here you are some tips that are sure to make the right kind of impression.


Corporate Interview — Don’t attempt to deviate from a well-fitting skirt- or pantsuit, a crisp button-up shirt, and a pair of simple black pumps. Let your personality show in your bag and accessories — but only choose a couple! While a beautiful leather tote and simple gold cuff scream “I’ve got this,” a full arm party of bangles says “Look at my wrists and not at my résumé!”

Creative Interview — Whether you’re going in for a graphic design gig or a job as a merchandiser, you have a little more wiggle room for creativity — after all, that’s one of the most important components of your skill set! Look for traditional shapes in fun, varied prints and colors. Patterned trousers, on-trend turtlenecks, and cap-toed pumps show that you can think outside of the box (but are still aware of the rules).

Start-Up Interview — It might be Casual Friday five days a week at most start-ups, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to wear your jeans to meet the boss. Get a little geeky with pretty oxfords, plaid pants, and a slim-fit cardigan — but make sure that everything fits perfectly and is stain-, wrinkle-, and pill-free.

Fashion Interview — For jobs in the fashion industry, you’ve got to be able to prove that you know what the season’s trends are, and also — more importantly — know the ones that work for you body. A shift dress is one of the fall’s trendiest shapes, and a frock in a pretty pattern is absolutely perfect for a fashion interview. Experiment a little with ankle boots and a solid moto jacket (it’s your version of a blazer!), and top it off with a satchel in complementary print and hue.

Grad School Interview — You don’t have to spend a lot of cash in order to look put-together for grad school interviews. If you need to buy a dress, find one that you’ll get a lot of use out of (a pleated shirtdress goes from professional to flirty when you swap in some heels and pretty earrings), and pair it with a sleek blazer. And though you may have been able to get away with it in undergrad, just remember that a backpack is not acceptable for here. Invest in a pretty tote that’ll last you through the years.

Women Basics: The leather jacket

My beloved friends, a leather moto jacket is a great investment for your wardrobe. With timeless appeal and endless versatility, it’s sure to be a go-to fave for ages. A soft leather jacket is a great piece to throw on in almost every season.

For chilly evenings, pair your jacket with a flowing, printed dress. This adds a hint of masculinity to a sweet, feminine outfit. During the cold season, it’s about layering! Wearing your jacket over a button-down and sweater combo toughens up a crisp fall look.

Francesca Bracchi – Fashion Madness