Animal print garments. How to wear them.

This fall, fashion’s feeling feline with a taste for wild prints. Leopard print is adorning everything from coats, to clutches and moccasins adding an animal edge to your new season wardrobe.

Rosalía – Ma petite valise blog

The easiest way to work something bold like animal prints into a look is with accessories. Accenting a simple suit or shift dress with a snakeskin-embossed heel can add a lot of personality to a look. Another easy add-on is eyewear. Fashion has long embraced leather detailing, but this season we’re seeing some really fun python frames.

Raquel Martín – My fashionable world

There’s such a ’70s-glam feel about them.  Jewelry is also a great way to bring in some wild-inspired energy to your ensemble. Molded metal scales, feathers, and talon motifs get the point across in a small, but impactful way.

Marta – Dear Diary

Consider these accessories to be an investment. Exotics can sometimes come with a steeper price point, but they will prove to be wardrobe essentials for years to come.

Givenchy Haute Couture Paris Spring / Summer 2011

givenchy hc 6

Japa­nese hel­mets, Japa­nese motifs and many feat­hers. This is the star­ting point of Ricardo for his haute couture collec­tion for spring / sum­mer 2011. This collec­tion was also shown with a pre­sen­ta­tion of selec­ted media and top clients, as he did in his last collec­tion. Unlike last year, which outli­ned the shape of the body and stron­gly remi­nis­cent of embroi­dery pecu­liar ske­le­tons, the cra­nes in this collec­tion are in the fore­ground. Beau­ti­ful appli­ques and beads depict pain­tings of beau­ti­ful dres­ses with motifs of birds, and some of the dres­ses were cove­red with feat­hers. The lovely hats were made by Phi­lip Tracy.

givenchy hc 11

givenchy hc 21

givenchy hc 31

givenchy hc 41

givenchy hc 51