Animal print garments. How to wear them.

This fall, fashion’s feeling feline with a taste for wild prints. Leopard print is adorning everything from coats, to clutches and moccasins adding an animal edge to your new season wardrobe.

Rosalía – Ma petite valise blog

The easiest way to work something bold like animal prints into a look is with accessories. Accenting a simple suit or shift dress with a snakeskin-embossed heel can add a lot of personality to a look. Another easy add-on is eyewear. Fashion has long embraced leather detailing, but this season we’re seeing some really fun python frames.

Raquel Martín – My fashionable world

There’s such a ’70s-glam feel about them.  Jewelry is also a great way to bring in some wild-inspired energy to your ensemble. Molded metal scales, feathers, and talon motifs get the point across in a small, but impactful way.

Marta – Dear Diary

Consider these accessories to be an investment. Exotics can sometimes come with a steeper price point, but they will prove to be wardrobe essentials for years to come.

Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis es a partir de hoy la celebrity más enrollada del planeta por aceptar la invitación de un marine que colgó en Youtube un vídeo. Está claro que a veces no hay más que preguntar.

La Sra. Kunis es una artistaza en todos los aspectos. Desde su lanzamiento al estrellato en la película The black swan el estilo de Mila tampoco ha pasado desapercibido. Ella es una abanderada de la simplicidad, sabe perfectamente lo que le sienta bien y apuesta siempre por ello. Ama por encima de todo los vestidos básicos que según con qué accesorios igual son perfectos para ir a trabajar o tomar un café con las amiguitas. Sus complementos favoritos son los clutches, junto con anillos de cocktail o pulseras. Si tuviera que describir su estilo personal en una sola frase incluiría las palabras, simple, elegante y acertada, puesto que a la hora de vestir únicamente elige aquellas tendencias de actualidad que le favorecen y le sientan bien.


Mila Kunis is a very talented actress and also officially the coolest celebrity on the planet for accepting Marine’s YouTube invitation

I’ve been keeping an eye on her fashion choices for a while and she didn’t disappoint me one bit. While Mila’s style is much simpler than many celebrities out there, she knows what fits her perfectly and makes her stand out among the rest. When you come to think of it, knowing what suits you best and using that to your own advantage is something all women should consider. Her love for dresses is totally understandable, as I personally would recommend them as wardrobe essentials, and I’m not talking about dresses for special occasions but something you can wear on a daily basis, whether for work or coffee with friends. Clutches also seem to be among her favorites along with cocktail rings and bracelets. If I had to describe her personal style in one sentence it would include the words simple, elegant and smart choices, as she only applies what fits her from the latest trends.