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Look 4 less | Victoria Beckham Striped V-Neck Pencil Dress

This Victoria Beckham striped pencil dress is another great addition to any girl’s closet. It has a classic shape, bold yet sophisticated colors and, best of all, versatility. Wear it with black tights and boots or by itself with some towering heels. You can also change it up depending on the weather (or the occasion). The fabric contours splendidly over curves and the stripes are placed strategically for the best impact. While this highly sought-after design is already sold out in stores, you can still obtain a fantastic steal. Scroll a little further down and see it for yourself! You won’t believe your eyes!

Victoria Beckham Striped V-Neck Pencil Dress
(€1.495, SOLD OUT)

 Just as sultry as the designer version, this dress by McBerry is perfect for so many occasions. The stripes are placed a bit differently (this dress really flatters narrow shoulders), but it has the same modern color-blocked look and can be worn exactly the same way as the original. Simply add a large tote and platforms for a daytime look and black patent pumps and a clutch for an evening outfit and you’re all set. Depending on your style, perhaps wear some small earrings and a modern cocktail ring. Try to keep accessories simple as this dress is just asking to steal the show! Posh Spice would definitely be proud of this find. After all, she once admitted that her famous little black frock was a super steal, too! Another bonus? It’s also available in orange/black.

McBerry Stripe Red-Black 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Dress (Victoria Beckham knockoff)

McBerry Stripe Red-Black 3/4 Sleeve Pencil Dress
(£79, McBerry)