Antonio Marras

Christmas Trend: Get the Downton Abbey’s Look

Some of the dresses Mary wear on the show remind me a bit of Antonio Marras, who’s had that influence for years. I’m not surprised at all that Downton’s fashion is sparking a trend for early 20th century garments. Besides watching the show for the story-lines my main reason is for the costumes! They are truly glorious. And I welcome a change in fashion like this, it would be nice to see designers/high street to be influenced in something else for a change. It kinda reminds me of when Marie Antoinette came out because so many designers put out collections based off of the sugary confection that is Sofia Coppola’s film.

Maybe it’s all connected to the economic downturn, the idea that we all want to get some of that glamour to cheer us up.It all seems to be little things, gloves, shoes, capes. Don’t they say that during a recession that sales of red lipstick go through the roof because it’s cheap and glam?