Little crossbody handbags

Crossbody mini handbags are my latest love, bringing versatility and functionality to the style game. Throw it on and get out the door-swap the big with the tiny and live the good life hands-free.

Hugh me tight my little leather friend!

Street Style | Croc bags

Alexander Wang crocodile chic with metal hardware

Black on black Givenchy + black nails

Foldover alligator clutch

Olivia Palermo in Givenchy + fur

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen carrying crocodile handbags from their collection of clutches, totes and backpacks for The Row.

Cross shoulder bag

Lugging a heavy bag on our shoulder all day can literally be a pain in the neck and that’s why we endorse the cross-body bag. This stylish carryall distributes the weight of its contents evenly and is cute to boot! Try a mini style for evening and a larger design to fit all of your everyday necessities. Their super chic designs are as easy on the eyes as they are on our backs.

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Handbags: the hottest styles.The oversized clutch and the classic saddle bag.

A handbag always has been, and always will be, a women’s ultimate fashion accessory. A great handbag is the essential building block of a complete, functional and stylish wardrobe. After this year’s international fashion month, the verdict for this season’s top picks is in. Think shearling, animal prints, and lovely fall colors all in soft leather. The hottest styles for 2012 / 2013 are the oversized clutch and the classic saddle bag.

The oversized Day Clutch

Some of us reserve our clutches for evenings, formal affairs, and night excursions.  But ladies, this season let your clutch see the light of day!

Rebel Atttitude

Tip: Do NOT overfill your oversized clutch if you plan on carrying it in this trendy  manner…you may end up with a broken arm or back pain! Ouchh!!

The saddle bag

A great complement to many of this season’s comfy-chic trends, the saddle bag puts a utilitarian-flavored twist on the classic handbag. Matched with a floaty, floral dress or boat-striped tee, this style creates an air of effortless ease.