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Daily Style | Five basic must-haves to update your look

I’ve put together a list of just five things you should buy to always be sartorially prepared. They are the building blocks to the refreshed wardrobe, the pieces that you can mix in with new season must-haves to update your look, the garments that will mean you never truly succumb to the status of fashion victim

1. The White Shirt

Jelena Leko Elle Adore Style

Many of us had to wear a white shirt as part of our school uniform back in the day, which could have seriously taken the shine of its sartorial appeal, and yet its continued appearance on the catwalk – teamed with everything from sequinned skirts to tweed trousers – mean that it remains an absolute staple. As something versatile that suits everyone, the buttoned-up white shirt is the perfect quick fix for adding some smartness to all your wardrobe favourites.
2. The Black Trousers

Elle Adore Style

More sophisticated than jeans yet practical and easy to wear, pulling on a pair of well-cut black trousers in the morning is a fail-safe option on those days when you just don’t know what to put on. Silk blouses, chunky knits and curve-hugging tops can be inter-changed with ease, meaning that you can change occasion throughout the day with the minimum of fuss.

3. The Colourful Jacket

Una silla para mi bolso

Sure it’s tempting to go for the black option, but that means making more effort with the clothes you’ve got on underneath. Invest in a strikingly hued blazer (making sure it’s a colour that suits you and fits in with the rest of your wardrobe) and all you need to do is throw it on over simple basics to add some fashion flair to your outfit, or even busy prints for some seriously directional style!

4. The Knee-length Pencil Skirt

Sissy a la mode

Unlike the mini and the maxi, which are quite frankly ageist, the knee length skirt works on most people, particularly in the classic pencil shape which is designed to highlight the good bits and play down the bad ones. They also fit perfectly with most of the trends you’ll see popping up every season in one way or another – florals, monochrome, ladylike and punk to name but four.

5. The Striped Top

Five basic must-haves
Mireia Oller My Daily Style

Can anyone really remember a time when nautical wasn’t a major driving fashion force? Unlikely, unless they pre-date Coco Chanel, who kick-started the trend by wearing sailor’s Breton tops back in the Twenties. Since then, stripes, particularly of the blue and white, or black and white jailhouse persuasion have become de regieur in the fashion fan’s uniform.

Lindsay Lohan | Vanity Fair Italy Photoshoot

Li-Lo sale así de estupenda y maravillosa, que lo es siempre y cuando no abuse del adderall y del mueble bar de los hoteles, en el número de julio de Vanity Fair Italia. Esta artista multidisciplinar ha aprovechado su reciente arresto domiciliario para optimizar su tiempo y conceder una entrevista que no tiene desperdicio y hacerse estas fotillos ocultando disimuladamente la pulsera GPS. Hasta la fecha entre delitillos y encarcelamientillos varios, mi Lindsay lleva camino de juguete roto como mi Liza, mi Whitney o mi Gallianín (aunque seas pelín borrachín y antisemitilla, cuánto se te ha echado en falta esta semana en París).


Lindsay Lohan was recently released back into the wild where she spent 5 hours replenishing her depleted blood alcohol level at Lexington Social House. She had been on house arrest and living on “tea” (in which she claims her body went into survival mode and somehow converted it into the beverage that contains less than .05% alcohol into moonshine which caused her to fail a sobriety test).During her time at home, she also did a Vanity Fair photo shoot, an interview with Life and Style and a commercial for Beezid. (Hey, vodka and ludes don’t grow on trees.) Now, her platinum blonde mess is on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair Italy.

At least her wonk eyes in this pic above are worth a thousand LOL’s. The photoshop overtime allowance must have ran out?

Sienna Miller | Oxford shoes

Mini Pocket Tank Splendid V-neck merino-blend cardigan Mid Blue Acid Wash Jeggings
Rupert Sanderson Joyce White Patent Shoes Betsey Johnson – Circle Shoe Drop Earrings (Black/ Gold)
Judith Jack – Bowhemia Marcasite and Freshwater Necklace
Oversized Saskia Sunglasses Jérôme Dreyfuss / Handbag



El clásico zapato Oxford es un icono brit junto al gin tonic, el Mini Cooper, la Union Jack y mi añorada Queen Mother que todavía sigue ardiendo desde que la incineraron.

Fueron bautizados popularmente con este nombre porque eran parte de la indumentaria durante el siglo XIX en la universidad de Oxford,ciudad en la que actualmente resido y a la que dedico mi particular homenaje con este post. También son conocidos como “Balmorals” o “Brogues“.

Resulta que durante la temporada este zapato para hombre ha ido descubriendo su lado más femenino y definitivamente ha salido de los armarios para invadir todas las aceras del planeta. Su versión más tradicional es la de cuero, monocromos o bicolores y planos, pero también se han ido reinventando para vestir nuestros piececillos cenicientiles y sin duda son hoy el zapato must have por antonomasia. Su mayor valedora es otro brit icon; Sienna Miller.


Oxford shoes, which first appeared in the 1900’s as men’s shoes, are tricky to wear. The shoes look masculine so the effort lies in making sure you don’t look like a guy after putting it on. However, Sienna  Miller surely knows how. With this picture, she shows us how to wear the Oxfords without losing her feminine appeal in a Casual Chic outfit wearing her Oxfords with skinny jeans that fall above the ankle, topping it with  a loose T-shirt and a Cardigan, then she’s all set!


Sienna Miller and her look: fur coat & trendy leather mini shorts

Picture Bullspress

Leather shorts are a fashion must have! So get your hands on one and upgrade them with a matching silk blouse and a chic fur jacket. And use the Sienna Miller trick: black tights. They’ll make the whole outfit glow!

Podriamos dedicar este blog entero a nuestra idolatrada Sienna Miller que en este outfit lleva el must have de la temporada: los shorts de cuero con unas medias en color negro. No hay más que rematar el outfit con una blusa de seda a juego y una chaqueta de pieles o peluches. No se puede ir más divina.

Jacket by Juicy Couture
Blouse by See by Chloe
Bracelet by Vita Fede
Bag by Mulberry
Shorts by Vanessa Bruno
Shoes by Valentino

Sienna Miller and her look: fur coat & trendy leather mini shorts

[cap­tion id=“attachment_372” align=“aligncenter” width=“350” caption=“Picture Bulls­press”]siennatrend [/caption]

Leat­her shorts are a fas­hion must have! So get your hands on one and upgrade them with a mat­ching silk blouse and a chic fur jacket. And use the Sienna Miller trick: black tights. They’ll make the whole out­fit glow!

Podria­mos dedi­car este blog entero a nues­tra ido­la­trada Sienna Miller que en este out­fit lleva el must have de la tem­po­rada: los shorts de cuero con unas medias en color negro. No hay más que rema­tar el out­fit con una blusa de seda a juego y una cha­queta de pie­les o pelu­ches. No se puede ir más divina.

Jacket by Juicy Couture
Blouse by See by Chloe
Bra­ce­let by Vita Fede
Bag by Mul­be­rry
Shorts by Vanessa Bruno
Shoes by Valen­tino