Comfy Heels

How to wear heels and feel comfy

Dear good friends of mine, if we were living in a perfect world, we’d be able to find slender stilettos that were as easy on our toes as a pair of slippers. But in the real world, the marriage of the vertiginous and comfortable is a bit harder to come by. Still, a limited few magic heels do exist at the elusive center of that Venn diagram. Ahead, the five secrets that separate the ouch! from the whew! — learn ‘em, shop for ‘em, and live in ‘em!


The Ankle Strap — One of the most uncomfortable things about pumps is having to dig in with your toes to make sure it stays on your feet. An ankle strap ensures that the shoe stays put.


The Thick Heel — It’s a no-brainer that spindly heels are much less stable than a chunky one. From substantially stacked heels to near-wedges, these shoes will give you that height you want without making you wobbly.



The Bootie — It goes without saying that a bootie uses your entire foot as an anchor, rather than rely on just your toes and your ankles to keep your shoes on your feet. But, be careful of pinched toes! Because the leather is a little bit stiffer in a boot, it’s important to find one that gives your toes room to move.


The Wedge — A solid wedge not only provides stability, but it also gives your arches a little bit of support.


The Hidden Platform — A hidden platform means that the pitch doesn’t have to be as intense. Plus, a little toe boost also gives you a wee bit of support — really, you’ll feel the difference!