Rope Necklace

DIY Rope Necklace

Welcome Monday!  After scouting these two multicolored ropes at the euro store, I snagged them up and made a necklace that has found a home paired up with my leather jacket.

Supplies: Rope (two different colors), Scissors, pliers, super glue, cord caps, lobster clasp and chain

Steps after the break…

1. Cut four pieces of rope, each a yard long, then trim the ends so the rope pieces line up evenly.

2. Put super glue into the cord cap end

3. Then put your rope ends into the cap, add more glue around the outside the make sure they stay in the cord cap.

4. Now braid! I doubled up the rope on one strand of the braid to make the necklace thicker. When you braid to your desired length, cut the ends and glue on the other cord cap

5. Finish off the ends by cutting 2 pieces of rope a couple inches long, then wrap twice right below the cap.

6. Glue the rope ends to the necklace.

7. Add the lobster clasp and chain with your pliers.