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Kate Moss in Balmain

Kate rockin a Balmain denim power shoulder jacket with motorcycle skinny jeans, a rocker tee, Kate Moss for Longchamp leather buckle bag, Ray Ban wayfarers and slim scarf tied around her neck Keith Richards style.

Old school Rolling Stones inspiration – Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones.

Kate Moss | Glastonbury Music Festival

Kate was wearing stylish Ray Ban sunnies ,Jacket & T-Shirt by Balmain, Animal Print Pants and Hunter Wellies

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Siempre perfecta con sus Hunter wellies, cazadora y camiseta de Balmain, Ray Ban shades y pantalones “animal print” Kate acudió al festival para ver actuar a su prometido Jamie Hince con el que se casará (o no, con la Moss nunca se sabe) el próximo viernes. Se comenta que a la mega top se le despistó tontamente su anillo de compromiso de 14.000 Libras Esterlinas y entre llantos y sollozos pidió a sus acompañantes arrodillarse a la par que hundir en el barro las manos para tratar de recuperarlo. El anillo vintage es una réplica del que poseía la estrella de los años veinte Zelda Fitzgerald y desde luego que no era plan andar  por ahí de festival perdiéndolo a lo tonto.

Al parecer, pasadas dos horas de búsqueda infructuosa, Kate abrió su bolso y ¡sorpresa! allí estaba el anillazo. ¡Menudo despiste!

The model’s whopping sparkler is thought to be a replica of one owned by twenties icon Zelda Fitzgerald. Kate Moss lost her £14000 engagement ring while partying at the Glastonbury Festival.


Kate Moss was in a perfect outfit, as usual in the Glastonbury Festival. Her wedding to The Kills frontman Jamie Hince is this coming Friday, but that didn’t stop Moss getting her rock chick on.The model’s fiancee was playing and she wanted to support him. It was during his set that things got a little murky.

Moss has been flashing a £14,000 engagement ring. She was side stage whilst The Kills played. Getting her bop on, a hip flick here and a head toss there, when it all hit the fan. Moss looked at her hand, and eek the rock was gone. No engagement ring!

UK tabloid the Daily Mirror says Moss went into meltdown. Yikes. Holy Mother. I would too. Well, I would anyway just to see a £14,000 killer rock on my finger.

A bystander says: “Everyone was looking for the ring, with Kate practically hyperventilating at the side of the stage. She was screeching at her mates, begging them to get down on their hands and knees, and trawl through the mud for the sparkler. Even Kate was half-heartedly flicking mud around with her welly, tying to unearth the ring.”

Fear not. The snitch continues: “Two hours later, and still crying, she went to the loo only to root through her bag for a tissue and magically find the ring. It had been there the whole time. Kate was cackling hysterically but no one else found it quite so funny.”

They didn’t find it funny that the ring was in her bag? Ooops!

One bit to leak is that Hince has asked bandmate Alison Mosshart to be his best man. Yes, the best man is a woman. I love the scandal!