DIY Shark Tooth Necklace

DIY Shark Tooth Necklace

This week’s DIY from Because I’m Addicted ( is inspired by Givenchy’s fierce shark tooth necklace. You’ll need 28″ of chain, 1′ of wire, 1 clasp, pliers, wire cutters and a shark tooth. Measure out a foot of wire and cut it with your wire cutters. Create a wire loop ( big enough for your chain by wrapping the wire tightly around the tip of your pliers several times. Holding the wire loop against the back of the tooth, wrap the wire around the right side and then the left, alternating sides three times. Wrap the remaining wire around your wire loop and slip the chain through the loop. Add the clasp and you’re ready to wear your shark tooth necklace!

Thanks to Because I’m Addicted for the awesome DIY!