Alexa Chung: three looks wearing the navy sweater.

Revered as the street style poster girl for wearable-chic style, I find myself incessantly trailing shots of Alexa Chung to inspire my everyday attire. I adore this it-Brit’s ability to perfectly curate an outfit for any occasion. Leave it to Alexa to brilliantly rock a navy sweater around town three different ways.

Look #1 Class up a sweater for an evening out with a bold heel: furry or spiked, whatever you like.

Look #2 Easily nail downtown cool by pairing a sweater with a mini and moto boots, pulling ita all together with a statement-making military jacket.

Look #3 Dress down in a sweater, denim shorts, and velvet skimmers for an afternoon cruise.

Marni Pre-Fall 2011


Consuelo Castiglioni’s Fall collection for men was hard-working, hard-wearing, and all the better for it. She injected the same utilitarian edge into her pre-fall range for women, with the same happy result. Even when the patterns, colors, and layers began to pile up in time-honored Marni fashion—hand-painted yellow tweed over ruffled black and white polka dots, say—it felt like Castiglioni was keeping a lid on the signature quirk by emphasizing compatibility rather than clash. Multi-striped jacquards paired with windowpane-checked stockings might once have been a Technicolor challenge, but here they were sleek and accessible.