Looks with boots

My dearest and beloved NSMV readers; for some ladies, diamonds definitely are a girl’s best friend, but, in the cold seasons when the weather really start to plummet, nothing turns us on more than unique outfits with boots. Because winter is about to arrive, we live in boots day-in and day-out, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest ways we can whip up uncommon outfits with boots. Do you want some ideas?

Flat Hardwared Ankle Boot—Make practical flat boots tough-girl chic with lots of layers and a pop of unexpected color. Famous fashionistas Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller both sported the Chloé Susan studded ankle boots in red.  They are so cute and both women looked absolutely fabulous wearing them, didn’t they?

Tip: Pair a hardware-heavy boot with feminine pieces to keep the look fresh and youthful.

Riding BootsIf you want to dress up you Equestrian style boots , there are a few pieces you can choose for a more polished look. You can wear them with a cotton t shirt, and wear also a v shape long sleeved sweater on those cold days, also a tight jean trouser will keep you worm down and if you neat more warmth you can also add a long blazer plus hand gloves then finish it with desert boots.

Wear pretty jewelry and don’t be afraid to accessorize. Equestrian boots go best with skinny jean leggings that are short at the ankles. You can wear a white cotton top, with a woolen leather jacket and skinny leather pants that match the Equestrian shoes then finish the outfit with red boots, this can be a good outfit for the weekend.

Non-bulky sweaters, silk or rayon scarves and tops in fabrics such as satin or silk will dress up your look. You can also wear black jeans or like worker jeans with the Equestrian boots. Look cool and stylish in the Equestrian boots to pair with white tee shirt and complete with over dyed jeans.

Tip: Play up your feminine side by pairing flat equestrian-inspired boots with a flirty dress and an empire-waist coat.

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Over-The-Knee Boots—Keep over-the-knee boots classy and fun with a full-skirt in an interesting print. Although these boots are tall you can still enjoy them with shorts.

Knee-High Boots—Wear them with a skirt or a dress as long as it’s not too long (no longer than your knees), a skirt or a dress can look very nice with tall boots. Sweater dresses look especially good with knee high boots. Generally a pair of black tights will really set the outfit off, depending on the colour of your skirt or dress. If you wear them with pants a nice shirt and cardigan or a peacoat bring this style up.

Tip: Wear classic knee-high boots with high-waisted pants and your legs will look like they’re a mile long.

Be Sugar and Spice

So mission accomplished! we’ve rounded up some current street-style faves and added a handy style guide for some serious boot inspiration. These looks will ensure your feet stay toasty and your personal style-score stays high all season long.




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