How to calculate your bra size

The most essen­tial fas­hion crea­tion in the his­tory of woman­kind, the bra, was inven­ted in 1913 by Mary Phelps Jacob, who found that her cor­set pee­ked through a sheer, plun­ging dress to unsightly effect. Two hand­ker­chiefs, some pink rib­bon, and an improm­ptu arts-and-crafts ses­sion later, Mary had brought the first bra to life—sparking the decline of the corset’s 350-year reign (and get­ting her new dress to fit bet­ter in the process).

Still, almost a hun­dred years later, not all women seem to have got­ten the memo about how essen­tial a great-fitting, outfit-appropriate bra is to the female wardrobe—a lot of ladies know not­hing about bras at all! Kno­wing your correct bra size will pre­vent you from get­ting back pains, mus­cle ten­sion, and sur­pri­sin­gly, even hea­da­ches!

The right bra size will make your clot­hes look bet­ter on your body. The­re­fore to find out your bra size is a MUST for every true-blue fashionista!


To cal­cu­late your bra size is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

1. First, put on your most com­for­ta­ble bra.

2. To deter­mine your bra size (the width around your bust), take a mea­su­ring tape and run it around your rib­cage area, just below the breast.

3. If you clock in a mea­su­re­ment of 33 inches (83,82 cen­ti­me­ters) or less, your bra size is that num­ber plus five inches (12,7 cen­ti­me­ters). If you clock in a mea­su­re­ment of more than 33 inches, your bra size is that num­ber plus three inches (7,62 cen­ti­me­ters). Round off any odd num­be­red mea­su­re­ments to the clo­sest even number.

4. To deter­mine your cup size (the depth of the bra cup), take the mea­su­ring tape and run it around the fullest part, or “peak,” of the bust.
5. Sub­tract the mea­su­re­ment you clo­cked in for bra size from this new mea­su­re­ment for cup size. For ins­tance, if you took a 34 inch mea­su­re­ment for bra size and a 36 inch mea­su­re­ment for cup size, your equa­tion should be 36 minus 34.

6. The dif­fe­rence of your two mea­su­re­ments can be used as a code for your cup size, which you can find in the list below:

AA = ½
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3
D = 4
DD or E = 5
F = 6
G = 7

In the exam­ple, cup size minus bra size, or 36 minus 34, gives you a dif­fe­rence of two. Using the above code, two is equal to B—which means that you should be wea­ring a bra sized 34B.




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